About Us

Do you want to support a charity/humanitarian work in Ghana? We are legally registered and officially sanctioned to operate. We offer an opportunity to support equal education for all children through DISTANT ADOPTION of children in which people are given the opportunity to adopt children and help them through school by sponsoring them. Our programs involve child sponsorship, girl child development and skills training, and women empowerment.

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Organizational Structure

The Foundation has a 5-member Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer, Project Coordinator, Secretary, five office staff, a driver and 20 volunteers.

Mothers Aura Foundation(Ghana) is registered in Ghana as a Non-Governmental Organization to support children through their basic education which to us the foundation upon which the development of a child revolves.

History of the Foundation

Since its formation in 2005 we have been working in rural communities across the country and this has afforded us the opportunity to work closely with the rural folks whose children we are trying to support as a way of reducing poverty using education as a tool.

Due to the use of social media I would humbly plead you visit us on Facebook to see photos of our work at Onakwase in the Ayensuano district.


Funding for us has been our bane but due to the benevolence of friends we are able to meet some of our expenditure and on many occasions we are given materials rather than money.

Our online donors also do support us here and there since we do not actually run a huge budget annually.

Amount of Funding

We are humbly appealing to you if you can fund us with an amount of $22,000.00 to help us meet our programs for this new academic year.

Please see the Support Us page for more information on how to donate.